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    P N 1232 New
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  • 9356

    TJS – 9356

    Dress your little princess in this beautiful sleeveless party wear frock on the special occasions. It comes with attractive bodice with flower on sholder and waist and flares of net.</p> ...
  • 9330

    TJS – 9330

    The simple and elegant sleeveless party wear frock for your cute little diva from the house of Little Blossom. This pretty dress comes with velvet bodice with flower on waist and net flare.</p> ...
  • 9320

    TJS – 9320

    Little Blossom present you this fashionable and stylish party wear frock for your adorable darling. Trendy floral print with splendid shimmery bodice make this dress one of a kind.</p> ...
  • 9304-Pink

    TJS – 9304-Pink

    The unique pink wedding dress for your cute baby girl with floral print on bodice and flares of net. Your little princess will look amazingly charming in this frock.</p> ...
  • 9303

    TJS – 9303

    Dress up your little princess in this gorgeous party wear golden color frock from the house of Little Blossom. This designer frock comes with trendy floral belt and flares of net. Your little diva will look absolutely charming by wearing this frock.<...
  • 9302

    TJS – 9302

    This simply divine dress is an elegant choice for parties and special occasions, which is being designed from Little Blossom. This sleeveless frock with the floral embroidered makes this dress simple but elegant.</p> ...
  • 5005

    TJS – 5005

    Dress your baby princess in the most beautiful and glamorous red and black colored party wear frock. This net flared frock comes a designer shimmery bodice with floral applique on the waist and shoulder.</p> ...
  • 5003

    TJS – 5003

    The magnificent special occasions western apparel for your cute little angel from the house of Little Blossom. The ultra stylish layered net with shimmery bodice makes it appealing and attractive. This outfit will become your darling favorite at very...
  • 5001-Cream

    TJS – 5001-Cream

    Gift your little angel this designer party wear dress from the house of Little Blossom. Your little angel will flaunt her beauty and grace by wearing this beautiful frock.</p> ...
  • 5001-B

    TJS – 5001-B

    This black and cream colored frock will be an elegant choice for your cute baby girl. Perfect for birthday parties and special occasions. It features floral design with flares of net.</p> ...